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Here is a small sampling of the most insured vehicles that we have covered with commercial auto insurance or commercial truck insurance and mixed vehicle fleets.

Commercial and Business Auto Insurance Categories| Box Truck Fleets| Mini vans| Agricultural trucks| Box or Straight trucks| Cargo vans| Car carriers| Flatbed trucks| Taxi’s| Amazon Haulers| Cement mixers| Delivery vans| Hearses| Ice cream trucks| Passenger Shuttle vans| Pickup trucks| | Fifth wheels| Sport utility vehicles| Pump trucks| Semi’s – Tractor Trailers| Step vans| Tank trucks| Route Delivery Vans| Big Rig Tractor Trailers| Refrigerated trucks| Amazon Haulers and many more.

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A Variety of Vehicles

From small flex delivery vans to commercial fuel haulers to high risk big rig tractor-trailers, we insure a wide variety of business vehicles, including, but not limited too:

  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles including buses
  • Vans, Pickups and SUVs
  • Flatbeds and Stake Trucks
  • Box Trucks – Straight Trucks
  • Refrigerator and Utility Trucks

Commercial auto & truck insurance coverage’s.

Commercial auto liability coverage provides protection for any business-owned or leased commercial vehicle. Policies usually include collision and damage coverage as well as coverage for property and personal damage to others. Just like you need auto insurance for your own car, you need business or commercial auto insurance to cover your business-owned or leased vehicles. If you, or any of your employees have an accident in your business’s car, you may be liable for bodily injuries, lost wages or any damage caused.
Typical commercial vehicle insurance and fleet coverage’s includes:
Bodily Injury Liability – Coverage for damages that involve bodily injury to others for which you become responsible under law.
Property Damage Liability – Coverage for damage to property of others for which you become responsible under law.
Cargo truck insurance Coverage – Coverage for the freight that you haul that usually belongs to another company. Click here if you need immediate cargo coverage up to $500,000.
Medical Payments – Coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral services for those who are accidentally injured while in your automobile or while getting into or out of your automobile.
Personal Injury Protection – Coverage for medical, hospital, rehabilitation, loss of wages or loss of services costs resulting from injury to you or any resident family member. In case of death to the insured or a resident family member, death benefits and survivor benefits, if applicable, will be provided.

Other coverage including fleets that may be obtained include:

Comprehensive – Protection for the loss of or damage to your vehicle and its equipment from all causes except collision, subject to the deductible on the policy.
Collision – Protection for the collision damage to your automobile and its equipment, subject to the deductible on the policy.
Uninsured Motorist – Coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party does not have insurance, and is found legally liable.
Underinsured Motorist – Coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party is found legally liable and does not have adequate liability limits.
Additional Expense – Coverage for necessary additional expenses incurred as a result of a loss for which you are protected under comprehensive or collision coverage. These expenses include rental cars, food, lodging and other incidental expenses.
Hired Auto Liability Coverage – Covers liability for automobiles hired under contract on behalf of or loaned to the named insured.
Hired Auto Physical Damage – Coverage for an automobile of any type, hired, borrowed or leased on a short term basis for use in the insured’s business.
Employer’s Non-Ownership Liability – Coverage for a private-passenger automobile used in the business of the named insured by any person, or the occasional and infrequent use of a commercial automobile in the business by any of your employees.
Automotive Industries We Have Great Success With

Air-conditioning service, checking, charging, installation and repair
General repair – without gas sales
Auto parts-(non-critical)
Glass installation
Auto Quick Lube
Oil change and lubrication
Auto Repair and Service
Painting and pin-striping
Body repair and collision shops
Rustproofing, undercoating, glazing
Brake installation and repair, shocks and struts, exhaust systems
Sound and communications equipment repair and installation
Car Wash – other than self service
Transmission repair and installation
Detail shops, pin-striping, auto waxing and buffing
Tune-up and emissions testing
Electrical repair and installation, including speedometer installation
Upholstery, tops and sunroof repair and installation

Contractors Industry We Have Great Success With

Air Conditioning Equipment Install Service Repair
Janitorial Services – Residential or Commercial
Brick, stone
Janitorial Services – Residential or Commercial
Building maintenance
Landscape Gardening
Carpet and floor covering installation
Lawn Care
Driveway, Parking Are or Sidewalk – Paving or Repaving
Masonry Contractor
Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation
Painting – exterior
Electrical Work within Buildings
Painting – interior and paperhanging
Plastering or stucco – outside
Septic tank installation, service, repair
Heating and A/C Installation, Service, and Repair – HVAC
Sheet metal work
Industrial or commercial construction
Siding Installation
Iron works – Decorative or Artistic Only
Sign painting and lettering
Irrigation or drainage systems construction
Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic Work – Interior Only

Manufacturing Industries We Have Great Success With

Air Conditioning Equipment MFG
Furniture MFG or Assembly
Appliance and Accessories MFG
Gemstone Polishing or Cutting
Beverage Bottler
Glass or Glassware MFG
Billiard Table MFG
Instrument MFG-Analytical,Calibrating,Measuring,Testing,Recording
Bolt Nut Screw Rivet Washer MFG
Jewelry MFG
Bottle and Jar MFG
Lubricants MFG
Box or Container MFG
Machine Shops
Brick MFG
Manufacturers Rep
Brush or Broom MFG
Match MFG
Buttons or Fasteners MFG
Mattress or Bo Spring MFG
Can MFG Metal
Metal Goods MFG
Candle MFG
Metal Goods MFG – Stamping
Candy or Confectionery Products MFG
Metal Heat Processing
Caulking Compound, Putty or Similar Products MFG
Musical Instrument MFG
Clock MFG
Office Machine MFG
Coffin or Casket MFG
Optical Goods MFG
Communication or Recording Systems Equipment MFG
Others (including manufacturing and processing)
Composition Goods MFG – Not Floor Coverings
Paper Goods MFG
Computer MFG
Pet Food MFG
Computer Software MFG
Pipe or Tube MFG
Concrete – Mixed In transit
Plastic or Rubber Goods MFG
Concrete or Plaster Products MFG – Not Structural
Plumbing Fixtures MFG
Cutlery and Flatware MFG
Prefabricated Building MFG
Dairy Products MFG
Pumps or Compressors MFG
Die Casting MFG
Refrigeration Equipment MFG
Door or Window MFG
Rubber Stamp MFG
Electrical Equipment MFG
Shoe, Boot, or Slipper MFG
Electrical Parts, Components or Accessories MFG
Sign MFG
Electrical Wire or Cable MFG
Telecommunications Equipment MFG
Electronic Games MFG
Textile Products MFG
Eye Glass Lens MFG
Vending Machine MFG
Food Products MFG
Wicker, Willow or Twisted Fiber Products MFG
Convenience store – selling gas
Music or Musical Instrument Stores
Cosmetics, toiletries
Musical instruments – other than pianos and organs
Costume / Formal Wear Rental Stores
Musical instruments – pianos, organs
Craft, Hobby and Artist Supplies Stores
Newspaper and magazine stands
Curtains, draperies
Dance supplies
Office equipment
Department stores – no cooking
Office furniture
Discount stores
Office machines
Drugstore retail
Office supplies
Dry goods stores
Optical goods
Education and school supplies
Optical Goods Store
Electrical apparatus, appliance, parts
Paint, wallpaper, tile
Electrical supplies
Painting and Picture / Frame Stores
Equipment, fixtures, supplies for restaurants
Paper and paper products
Party Goods Stores
Flag and banner stores
Party supply stores
Floor Covering Store Retail
Pet store
Pet Store
Frame shop
Photography – commercial
Photography – portrait, including videotaping
Furniture – patio
Plumbing and heating supplies
Furniture Store Retail
Plumbing, fixtures, supplies
General stores
Power washers
Gift, novelty, souvenir shops
Records, tapes, compact discs
Refrigeration equipment supplies
Grocery Store
Religious articles
Sales or Service Organization
Hardware Stores
Sewing machines
Health or Natural Foods Store
Shoe Store
Hearing Aid Stores
Shoe Stores
Hobby and Artist Supply Store
Home improvement stores
Sign stores
Housewares Stores
Specialty Clothing and Accessories Stores
Industrial supplies
Sporting Goods Stores
Kiosks – non-food
Sporting goods, bait and tackle, no firearms or skis
Kitchen accessories, including cutlery
Sunglasses shops
Lamps, lighting fixtures
Lawn, garden outdoor fixtures
Ticket sales
Leather goods
Tie shops
Lingerie, hosiery
Tile stores
Luggage and leather goods stores
Toy Store
Luggage stores
Trophy Stores
Meat, Fish, Poultry, Seafood Stores
Tuxedo rentals
Medical, Hospital and Surgical Supply Stores
Uniform stores
Mirror and home decorations
Vacuum cleaner sales and serviced with central installation
Misc. retail stores
Variety stores
Vending Machine Operations
Video store
Wig shops
Video Stores
Yarn shop

Professional Services We Have Great Success With

Media buyers
Actuarial Services
Mortgage brokers
Architectural Consulting Services
Notaries – public
Bookkeeping offices
Claims adjusters – independent
Professional or Trade Association
Public Relations
Consultants – NOC
Real Estate Agents
Engineers / Architects
Real Estate Agents
Engineers or Architects – Consulting
Real Estate Property Managed
Financial planners
Inspection and Appraisal Company
Tax Return Preparation Services
Insurance agents
Title Agents


Church or House of Worship
Museums / Art Galleries
Club – Civic, Service, Social, Country, Golf, Racket Sports, Handball
Owner-occupied religious institutions
Tenant-occupied religious institutions

The Commercial Auto Insurance or truck insurance coverage/s you need may include:

Commercial big rig truck liability insurance: Covers your BIPD liability risks in the event that you or one of your employed drivers causes an accident. Your commercial truck liability will include bodily injury liability to cover the costs of injuries and medical expenses for the injured party, and property damage liability to cover the costs of property damage in an accident. Your commercial truck liability insurance will typically also cover the costs of legal defense, whether or not your company is found to be at fault in an accident.

•Optional physical damage coverage: Covers the costs of damage to your vehicle from an accident or other incident. This coverage includes both collision coverage to pay for damage from a crash as well as comprehensive coverage to pay for damage from theft, vandalism and other than collision causes.

•Uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage(IF REQUIRED IN YOUR STATE): Covers the costs of injuries and damages if you or one of your employees are in an accident where another driver is at fault, but that driver does not have enough coverage to pay for your injuries and property damage.

•Motor Truck Cargo coverage: Covers damage or theft of items your truck is hauling.

We have direct binding authority with Big Rig Truck Insurance Brokers.


1) Are all of my drivers covered, even if they’re not listed on my commercial auto or truck insurance policy?

Ask your insurance company what their policy is for covering employees who drive your business vehicles.  Some vehicle insurance companies will only extend coverage to drivers who are specifically named on the policy. So, every time you give the keys to one of your vehicles to a new driver, you would need to call your insurer and add them to the policy or else they wouldn’t be covered in case of an accident.

Some commercial auto insurers (but not many) allow “permissive use,” which means that all of your drivers are covered as long as they have your permission to operate the vehicle.

2) Are my employees’ personal vehicles covered on my business auto policy if they get into an accident while running a business errand? What about rental cars?

In many cases, rental cars and employee vehicles aren’t covered under a standard commercial auto insurance policy. And if one of those vehicles is damaged in an accident, you could be liable.

If your business often uses rental vehicles, or if you send employees on business errands in their personal vehicles, consider adding Hired Auto, Non-Owned Auto or Any Auto Coverage to your policy.

3) I’m a seasonal business and don’t need full coverage in some of my off months.  Can I move to a Comprehensive-only commercial auto policy in slow months?

Absolutely. A Comprehensive-only policy provides coverage for businesses that don’t need liability coverage during certain months, but want basic protection against incidents, such as vandalism, theft, falling tree branches, hail, etc. This is ideal for vehicles that sit for long periods during off-season.

Plus, a Comprehensive-only policy provides continuous insurance. If you were to drop your insurance completely, you might pay significantly more to purchase a new policy when your peak season rolls around because most insurance companies want to see proof of continuous coverage.

4) What can you recommend to increase the safety of my drivers and to lower my commercial auto insurance premiums?

Many larger independent agents that specialize in fleets can recommend driver training programs specifically designed for your industry.  These programs can help increase the safety of your drivers and, in some cases, lower your insurance premium.


5) What kind of service can I expect if I have a claim?

Find out how quickly, on average, your insurer resolves claims. The faster they take care of your claim, the faster you can get your vehicle back to work.

One thing that can affect turnaround time is whether your insurer uses full- time, part-time or contract claims adjusters. Some companies use part-time or contract adjusters to handle commercial vehicle claims, which can slow down the process.

Our Business Insurance 1 carriers handle mostly 100 percent of commercial vehicle insurance claims, even heavy trucks, with its own staff of in-house commercial insurance experts, making sure claims are processed faster than other insurers that outsource this work.

6) When I have a commercial auto claim, is there anything I can do to get my vehicle back on the road quickly?

Even if the accident isn’t your fault, report the claim to your insurance company as soon as possible. They can work with the insurance company of the at-fault driver to help resolve the claim and get your vehicles repaired quickly.

Additionally, carry an accident information kit in each of your vehicles to make it easy for your drivers to capture insurance, driver and witness information following an accident. Most fleet safety companies and local agents have these readily available.

Customer Service

7) Does your commercial for hire truck insurance company provide help with state and federal filings?

Some commercial auto insurers won’t cover vehicles that require filings, while others simply don’t have the capability to help you get the filings your business needs. We have both so no worries here as Truck insurance customers will have filings submitted promptly.

 8) Do you offer 24/7 service?

Many insurance companies are only available during regular office hours, which can make filing a claim, adding a vehicle to your policy, and paying bills inconvenient. Before you buy, check with your insurance company to make sure they’re available when you need them.

 9) Will you shop my policy on a regular basis, including truck insurance?

Although it’s easier to stay with the same insurance company than shop around for new coverages, ask your agent to regularly quote your policy with other carriers to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

In addition to vehicle insurance, you may need a wider range of additional coverages to protect your business, from general liability to workers’ compensation. While it might be easier to buy all of these products from the same company, you could save big bucks by buying your policies from separate providers.

10) What are my commercial auto payment – commercial truck insurance plan options? Do I have to pay my entire premium up front?

Some insurers have significant finance charges associated with their bill plans or don’t offer flexible payment schedules. Look for companies that offer flexible pay plans, including low initial payments and no finance charges. For example, one of our carriers offers plans that start with as little as 8.3 percent down.

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