General Liability Insurance for your business

General liability insurance is simple and could save your business.

Whatever business you have, the ever present potential for liability exists in almost every aspect of your day to day business operations. Several day to day practices could cause small to very large financial loss. One or more claims may damage your local or national business reputation and affect your ability to compete in your marketplace. Use Business Insurance 1’s professional grade brokers to obtain general liability coverage helps protect your business from liability claims today and in the future.

General liability insurance is essential to protecting the financial health of your business.

Let our business and commercial insurance brokers design a custom plan for you.
Let our business and commercial insurance brokers design a custom plan for you.

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We offer help with commercial auto, multiple contractors coverage types, general liability, Commercial property and General liability, inland marine, WORKERS COMPENSATION insurance protection and mobile property just to name a few.

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Business Insurance 1 brokers provide professional grade help to all customers, small or large.

Business Type                  Policy Type         Carrier        Premium

Tile/Stone/Marble Install        WC                 Hartford         $10,379

Lessor’s Risk                          BOP                   CNA           $12,971

Computer/Cellphone Repair   BOP               Travelers           $502

Furniture & Fixture Install      BOP               Travelers         $2,044

Trash Removal                        BOP             Liberty Mut       $2,940

Fast Food Restaurant               BOP                MetLife            $807

Outside Salesperson                WC                    CNA               $321

Furniture Store                         WC               Travelers           $2,199

Siding Contractor                    Auto                MetLife           $1,305

Landscaper                              Auto                MetLife           $2,702

Casual Diner                           BOP                 Guard              $3,737

Casual Diner                            WC                  Guard             $1,799

Casual Diner                         Umbrella            Guard               $400

Painter                                       WC                Guard              $4,041

Nail Salon                                 WC                  CNA                $696

Delicatessen                             BOP             Travelers            $1,971

Nail Salon                                 WC              Travelers              $358

Fish Market                              BOP             Travelers            $1,781

Restaurant                                 WC              Travelers            $5,991

Grocery/Produce                       WC              Travelers              $791

Furniture Store                          WC              Travelers            $3,391

HVAC                                       WC              Travelers            $6,853

Party Planner                             GL             Liberty Mut            $733

Jewelry Store                             GL             Liberty Mut           $503

Jewelry Store                            WC             Liberty Mut           $985

Nail Salon                                 WC               Travelers              $384

Insurance Agency                    BOP                  CNA                 $477

Condominium                          BOP              Hartford              $7,479

Toy Store                                 BOP              Travelers             $2,324

Toy Store                                  WC              Travelers               $945

Health Services                        WC               Hartford             $7,702

Video Game Store                   BOP             Liberty Mut          $908

Accountant                              BOP               Travelers             $351

Nail Salon                                BOP                 Starr                 $650

Electronics Store                     BOP               MetLife            $4,827

Graphics/Printing                    BOP               Hartford           $22,538

Graphics/Printing                    WC                Hartford           $20,845

Music Studio                           BOP               Hartford              $328

Handyman                               GL                Liberty Mut        $1,833

Hardware Distributor             BOP                Hartford            $1,418

Plumber                                  BOP                MetLife             $2,889

Stone Countertop Install          WC             Liberty Mut          $8,027

Stone Countertop Install         BOP             Liberty Mut          $5,888

Delicatessen                             WC               Travelers              $790

Consulting                                WC               Hartford               $265

Household Accessory Dist      BOP                CNA                  $544

Household Accessory Dist   Umbrella            CNA                 $406

Delicatessen                            WC                Travelers            $976

Beauty Parlor                          WC                Travelers            $449

Lessor’s Risk                           BOP              Travelers           $7,765

Flooring Store                          BOP              MetLife             $1,564

Landscaper                               WC                 Guard              $9,941

Bathtub Refinisher                   GL               Liberty Mut        $1,165

Supermarket                            BOP                Guard            $36,322

Supermarket                         Umbrella            Guard              $6,495

Drywall Taping/Finishing       BOP               Hartford           $1,140

Nail Salon                                WC               Travelers             $636

Delicatessen                             WC                 Guard              $1,489

HVAC                                      GL               Liberty Mut       $3,318

HVAC                                  Umbrella         Liberty Mut       $2,998

Nail Salon                               WC                Travelers             $387

Wholesale Meat Distributor   WC                Travelers          $28,265

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers           $1,586

Cellphone Store                      BOP              Liberty Mut         $500

Lawyer Office                        BOP                Hartford             $500

Lessor’s Risk                         BOP              Liberty Mut        $8,447

Delicatessen                           WC                 Travelers            $761

Liquor Store                           WC                 Travelers            $643

Clothes Store                          WC                Travelers          $2,664

Lawyer Office                        BOP               Travelers            $541

Granite&Stone Sales/Instal   Auto              Liberty Mut       $4,950

Steel Frame Erection              WC                 Hartford          $3,700

Retail Store                             WC                 Travelers          $606

Bagel Shop                             Auto                 MetLife         $2,666

Plumber                                  BOP                 MetLife          $1,860

Plumber                                  Auto                 MetLife          $3,544

Beauty Salon                           BOP               Travelers            $503

Painter                                      GL               Liberty Mut         $384

Business Services                   Auto                MetLife           $3,828

Auto Repair                            BOP                  Guard             $1,701

Engineer/Architect                 BOP                   CNA              $1,920

Engineer/Architect                  WC                   CNA              $4,096

Engineer/Architect               Umbrella              CNA             $1,626

Construction                            Auto              Travelers          $9,964

Garage w/o Gasoline               BOP              Travelers          $2,492

Bakery                                     BOP               MetLife           $3,939

Church/Synagogue                  BOP            Liberty Mut        $6,794

Plastics Manufacturer       Ocean Marine       Hartford        $20,914

Laundromat/24 hour                 BOP               Guard             $1,783

Laundromat/24 hour              Umbrella           Guard               $400

Bridal Shop                             BOP               MetLife           $5,286     (Richmond)

Car Wash                                BOP                 Guard             $1,397

Auto Service/Repair                WC                  Guard            $5,236

Grocery                                    WC                Travelers         $2,565

Nail Salon                                WC                Travelers           $805

Consultant                              BOP                Travelers           $501

Consultant                               WC                 Travelers          $236

Wallpaper Install                     GL                Liberty Mut      $1,195

Wallpaper Install                Umbrella           Liberty Mut         $657

Wallpaper Install                     WC               Liberty Mut      $3,532

Consultant                               WC                 Hartford          $1,957

Grocery                                   WC                 Travelers           $770

Beauty Parlor                          WC                 Travelers           $594

Hair Salon                               BOP              Liberty Mut       $1,163

Grocery/Catering                    BOP              Liberty Mut       $9,490

Stone/Tile Sales & Install       BOP              Liberty Mut      $10,822

Stone/Tile Sales & Install    Umbrella          Liberty Mut       $3,882

Stone/Tile Sales & Install      Auto               Liberty Mut       $3,230

Delicatessen                            WC                 Travelers          $1,338

Portrait Studio                        BOP                 Travelers           $503

Lessor’s Risk                          BOP                Travelers          $1,362

Grocery                                   WC                 Travelers            $958

Medical Office                        WC                    CNA               $400

Contractor                               Auto                 MetLife           $1,708

Grocery Store                          BOP            Hamilton USA      $503

Candy Store                             BOP               Travelers          $3,575

Candy Store                              WC               Travelers          $1,788

DVD & Music Store                BOP               Travelers           $503

DVD & Music Store                 WC               Travelers          $1,256

Condo Association                    WC               Travelers          $1,408

Building Operation                   WC                Travelers          $1,755

Restaurant                                 WC                Travelers          $2,199

Cellphone Store                       BOP              Liberty Mut         $553

Painter                                      WC               Liberty Mut       $2,602

Painter                                      GL                Liberty Mut       $1,208

Medical Office                        BOP                   CNA              $2,932

Drug Store                                WC                Travelers            $777

Delicatessen                             WC                 Travelers            $893

Restaurant w/Entertainment     WC                 Travelers          $1,650

Grocery                                    WC                 Travelers          $1,254

Bookstore                                BOP                   Starr               $982

Chiropractor                            BOP                Travelers          $1,749

Deli with Cooking                   WC                 Travelers          $4,921

Phone Accessories                  BOP               Liberty Mut        $767

Deli/Grocery                            WC                 Travelers           $958

Contractor                                 GL                Liberty Mut      $1,857

Packing Mail Service               BOP               Travelers           $584

Packing Mail Service                WC                Travelers         $1,990

Meat,Fish,Poultry Distr            BOP                Hartford          $11,923

Tea Dealer – retail                    WC                 Travelers           $929

Hair Salon                                 BOP               Travelers           $934

Lawyers Office                          WC                Travelers           $531

Delicatessen                              WC                 Travelers           $834

Condo Association                Umbrella               CNA             $4,040

Landscaper                                Auto                MetLife          $1,180

Delicatessen                              WC                Travelers         $2,371

Restaurant                                BOP                 MetLife           $847

Retail Store                               WC                Travelers          $2,949

Music & Art Studio                  BOP                  CNA               $604

Supermarket                              BOP                  Starr              $2,523

Restaurant                                 BOP                MetLife           $1,012

Meat Distributor                       Auto             Liberty Mut      $43,408

Church/Synagogue                   BOP               Travelers           $834

Insurance Agency                     BOP               Travelers           $633

HVAC                                       WC                Travelers          $4,429

Grocery Store                            BOP              Liberty Mut       $5,391

Packing/Mailing                        BOP                Travelers           $550

Plumber – Office                        WC                Travelers           $274

Clerical Office                            WC                Travelers           $641

Restaurant                                  BOP                Travelers         $2,440

Meat Distributor                    Umbrella           Liberty Mut      $4,599

Meat Distributor                        Auto              Liberty Mut     $35,248

Meat Distributor                        BOP              Liberty Mut       $4,047

Church/Synagogue                     WC                 Travelers          $4,940

Church/Synagogue                     BOP                Travelers         $18,028

Painting Contractor                     GL                Liberty Mut      $1,576

Painting Contractor                    WC                Liberty Mut      $2,602

Lessor’s Risk                             BOP                 Travelers         $7,141

Deli/Grocery                               WC                 Travelers         $1,581

Dry Cleaner                                 WC                Travelers         $4,668

Restaurant – Fast Food               BOP                 MetLife            $884

Landscaper/Snowplowing          Auto               Liberty Mut     $15,012

Landscaper/Snowplowing           GL                 Liberty Mut      $4,208

Paper Transport                          Auto                  MetLife          $4,476

CPA                                            BOP                     CNA             $507

Dental Professional Staffing       GL                Hartford/RLI      $1,389

Convenience Store                      WC                  Travelers          $982

Masonry Remodeling                  GL                  Liberty Mut     $2,013

Electrician                                   WC                  Travelers         $2,845

Beauty Shop                               BOP                 Travelers           $589

Food Distributor                         BOP                 Hartford           $921

Pizzeria                                       WC                  Travelers        $2,429

Grocery Store                             WC                  Travelers         $1,831

Coffee Shop                                WC                 Travelers           $744

Liquor Store                                WC                 Travelers         $1,211

Foot Spa                                     BOP                    Starr              $506

Church/Synagogue                     BOP                 Travelers          $750

Pet Grooming                             BOP                    CNA             $544

Nail & Foot Spa                          WC                  Travelers          $460

Delicatessen                                WC                  Travelers          $824

Cleaning Service                         WC                  Travelers        $10,523

Building Operation                      WC                  Travelers        $13,288

Convenience Store                      BOP                    Starr             $1,803

Manufacturers Rep                     Auto                Liberty Mut      $2,565

Manufacturers Rep                     BOP                Liberty Mut      $1,595

X-Ray/Imaging Lab                    BOP                  Travelers         $1,080

Shoe Store                                   WC                   Travelers         $3,960

Bagel Shop                                  WC                   Travelers           $555

Deli/Grocery                                WC                  Travelers           $875

Building Operation                      WC                  Travelers         $1,400

Medical Office                            BOP                 Travelers          $1,371

Dog Grooming                             WC                  Travelers           $468

Laundromat                                 BOP                Liberty Mut      $4,815

Condominium                              BOP                 Travelers         $2,178

Wholesale Grocery                       WC                  Travelers         $27,629

Temp Dental Staffing                    GL                   Hartford            $750

Clerical Office                              WC                  Travelers            $449

Nail Salon                                     WC                  Travelers            $430

Lessor’s Risk                           Umbrella            Liberty Mut        $1,465

Lessor’s Risk                                 GL                Liberty Mut        $1,032

Freight Service                              WC                     CNA                $461

Sales&Service Organization         WC                  Hartford              $289

Engineer & Engineering Srv         WC                  Hartford              $517

Record Store                                 BOP                    Starr               $1,536

Beauty Salon                                BOP                 Travelers             $503

Delicatessen                                  WC                  Travelers             $575

Grocery Store                                WC                 Travelers              $947

Delicatessen                                   WC                 Travelers             $710

Dog Grooming                              BOP                    CNA                $544

Building Operations                      WC                 Travelers            $1,480

Landscaper                                     GL                 Liberty Mut        $2,283

Landscaper                                    WC                 Liberty Mut        $3,722

Grocery Store                                WC                   Travelers             $478

Website Hosting                           BOP                  Travelers             $502

Medical Office                              WC                   Travelers             $780

Fast Food Restaurant                    BOP                  Travelers           $1,898

Insurance Agency                         BOP                  Travelers             $879

Coin Operated Laundry                BOP                  Travelers           $3,023

Commercial Photographer            BOP                    CNA                $910

Grocery Store                                WC                   Travelers          $1,357

Computer System Designer          WC                      CNA               $442

Computer System Designer          BOP                     CNA              $672

Delicatessen                                   WC                   Travelers           $600

Grocery Store                                WC                    Travelers           $696

Building Service Contractor          WC                   Travelers         $6,488

Deli & Grocery                              WC                   Travelers           $696

Grocery Store                                 WC                   Travelers           $758

Commercial Cleaning                     GL                  Liberty Mut      $3,929

Learning Center                              GL                    Hartford            $307

Delicatessen                                   WC                   Travelers         $1,730

Dry Cleaner                                   BOP                 Liberty Mut        $687

Mixed Mercantile                      Umbrella                Travelers            $504

Mixed Mercantile                         BOP                    Travelers         $3,946

Church                                          BOP                    Travelers            $750

Landscaper                                    GL                    Liberty Mut       $500

Interiors                                        WC                      Travelers          $308

Real Estate Agency                      WC                      Travelers          $697

Beauty Shop/Lashes                    BOP                     Travelers           $501

Beauty Parlor/Nails                      WC                     Travelers          $438

Restaurant/Bakery                       BOP                        Starr             $3,133

Laundry/Dry Cleaner                   WC                      Travelers            $953

Honey Store                                  GL                    Liberty Mut          $503

Shoe Repair & Tailoring              BOP                  Liberty Mut        $1,031

Shoe Repair & Tailoring              WC                   Liberty Mut       $2,707

Concrete Construction             WC & GL              Liberty Mut      $15,697

Specialty Food Store                   BOP                         Starr              $1,100

Nail Salon                                    BOP                        Starr                $506

Computer Repair&Install            BOP                      Hartford            $500

Wholesale Picture Frames          BOP                    Liberty Mut        $968

LessorsRisk-Manufacturer         BOP                       Hartford         $14,434

Fabric Importer                           WC                           CNA                $411

Food Distributor                         WC                         Hartford             $804

Beauty Supply                            WC                        Travelers         $1,853

Beauty Parlor                              WC                        Travelers         $1,365

Beauty Parlor                             WC                         Travelers         $2,254

Nail Salon                                  BOP                        Travelers         $1,918

Computer System Design          WC                         Travelers           $509

Accounting/CPA                       BOP                        Travelers            $501

Nail Salon                                  BOP                           Starr                $506

Laundry-Retail                           WC                        Travelers         $2,828

Drug Store                                  WC                         Hartford          $4,949

Beauty Parlor/Lashes                 WC                         Travelers           $405

Metal Manufacturer                   BOP                         Hartford           $516

Beauty Parlor                             WC                            CNA              $771

Beauty Parlor                            BOP                           CNA            $1,620

Dunkin Donuts                          WC                          Travelers          $4,576

Building Operation                   WC                           Travelers          $1,630

BeautyParlor/EyebrwThread     WC                          Travelers           $373

Tax Preparation                         BOP                        Travelers           $952

Dry Cleaner                               WC                         Travelers           $569

Beauty Shop                              BOP                        Travelers           $777

Retail Store-Fruit                       WC                         Travelers           $848

Medical Office                          BOP                            CNA            $1,222

Bakery                                       WC                          Hartford          $8,079

Autocare/Garage               Garagekeepers                Liberty Mut        $248

Autocare/Garage                        GL                          Liberty Mut        $500

Retail Store                                WC                            Travelers         $3,504

Insurance Agency                     BOP                            Travelers           $502

Laundry/Dry Cleaner                WC                             Travelers         $1,056

Attorney’s Office                      WC                             Travelers           $579

Laundry/Dry Cleaner                WC                             Travelers         $1,216

Janitorial                             Inland Marine      Travelers           $504

Lessor’s Risk                            BOP               Travelers         $1,891

Grocery Store                            WC                Travelers         $1,067

Dry Cleaner                               WC                Travelers         $1,056

Consultant                                BOP               Travelers           $653

Beauty Shop                             BOP               Travelers           $705

Insurance Agency                     BOP                Travelers           $501

Bakery                                       WC                   CNA             $1,303

Building Service Contractor      WC                Travelers         $5,992

Fast Food Restaurant                BOP                Travelers         $1,265

Laundry/Dry Cleaner                WC                Travelers            $569

Food Store                                BOP               Travelers           $1,175

Nail Salon                                BOP              Starr Indem         $506

Landscaper                               BOP               Travelers          $4,991

Delicatessen                              WC                Travelers            $824

Liquor Store                              WC                Travelers            $678

Barber/Beauty Supply              BOP             Liberty Mut          $835

Nail Salon                                 WC                Travelers            $510

Beauty Parlor/Wig Salon         WC                Travelers            $436

Retail Food Service                  WC                Travelers           $554

Electrician                                 GL             Liberty Mut          $814

Electrician                                Auto             Liberty Mut       $1,306

Coin Operated Laundry           BOP              Travelers          $1,726

Coin Operated Laundry           WC               Travelers         $1,472

Coin Operated Laundry      Umbrella           Travelers           $385

Church                                    BOP               Travelers           $750

Lessors Risk                           BOP               Hartford          $5,138

Janitorial/Cleaning                  GL               Liberty Mut      $1,334

Jewelry Distributor                  GL                Hartford            $910

Nail Salon                                WC              Travelers            $312

Nail Salon                               BOP              Travelers            $501

Dry Cleaner                             WC               Travelers          $788

Piano Recording Studio          BOP            Dovetail/Starr     $500

Insurance Agency                   BOP                   CNA             $401

Auto Repair                             GL               Liberty Mut       $1,224

Alarm Compa                     Auto             Liberty Mut      $33,652

Nail Salon                                WC                Hartford          $1,034

Physical Therapist                  BOP               Travelers           $526

Dry Cleaner                            BOP              Liberty Mut       $678

Auto Repair                            BOP              Liberty Mut      $1,120

Auto Repair                            Auto              Liberty Mut      $1,959

Laundromat                             WC                Travelers          $585

Consultants                             BOP               Travelers           $585

Dry Cleaner                             WC               Travelers         $1,056

Restaurant-Fast Food              WC                 Hartford          $999

Beauty Salon                           WC                Travelers          $901

Water Bottler                          BOP                  CNA             $2,123

Water Bottler                           WC                   CNA            $2,735

Water Bottler                           GL                    CNA           $610

Beauty Parlor                           WC               Travelers          $472

Building & Loan Appraiser     WC                Hartford          $928

Hair Salon                              BOP              Liberty Mut      $1,438

Nursery-Wholesale/Retail  Comm Auto     Liberty Mut      $8,432

Nursery-Wholesale/Retail       WC             Liberty Mut       $4,461

Nursery-Wholesale/Retail      BOP             Liberty Mut      $3,887

Lawyer’s Office                      BOP                   CNA             $501

Insurance Agency                   BOP               Travelers          $532

Restaurant-Fast Food             BOP                Travelers        $1,642

Bakery                                     BOP             Liberty Mut      $4,750

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers         $2,323

Printing/Screen Printing         BOP               Hartford          $1,597

School-Beauty/Cosmetology  BOP               Hartford          $2,260

School-Beauty/Cosmetology  WC                 Hartford         $1,334

Auto Glass Replacement        WC                 Hartford         $2,089

Beauty Parlor/Nail Salon        WC               Travelers         $1,002

Beauty Parlor/Salon               BOP             Liberty Mut        $563

Vape Shop                              BOP                   Starr             $506

Lessor’s Risk                          BOP             Liberty Mut      $6,272

Church                                     BOP            Liberty Mut        $555

Beauty Parlor/Nail Salon         WC               Travelers         $1,002

Carpentry – Interior                 WC             Liberty Mut      $13,745

Carpentry – Interior                 GL              Liberty Mut       $5,073

Art Gallery                              BOP                  CNA             $500

Cellphone Stores                     BOP            Liberty Mut      $7,240

Drug Store                               BOP            Liberty Mut      $6,097

Grocery Store                           WC              Travelers         $1,219

Landscaper                     GL w/Inland M    Liberty Mut      $1,818

Landscaper                           Umbrella        Liberty Mut        $657

Lawyer’s Office                       WC               Travelers          $904

Auto Repair & Service            BOP            Liberty Mut       $1,350

Auto Repair & Service    Garagekeepers    Liberty Mut       $2,361

Mall Kiosks-Jewelry/Vape     BOP                   Starr              $506

Nail Salon                               BOP                   Starr              $506

Auto Parts Store                   Umbrella        Liberty Mut         $508

Auto Parts Store                      GL               Liberty Mut        $730

Beauty Parlor/Nail Salon        WC                 Travelers          $820

Grocery                                   WC                 Travelers       $1,437

Automotive Garage                BOP                Travelers        $2,476

Automotive Garage                WC                 Travelers        $2,396

Donut Shop                            BOP                Travelers        $3,386

Donut Shop                             WC                Travelers       $13,368

Restaurant-Fast Food              WC                Travelers        $1,131

Title & Abstract Office           WC                  Hartford          $746

Payroll Office                          WC                    CNA            $341

Real Estate Office                  BOP                    CNA            $503

Beauty Parlor/Nail Salon         WC                Travelers         $1,002

School – Fine Art                   BOP                Hartford          $709

Landscaper                              GL               Liberty Mut       $953

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers        $1,295

Barber Shop/Beauty Parlor     WC             Liberty Mut       $1,229

Barber Shop/Beauty Parlor    BOP             Liberty Mut        $553

Dry Cleaner                            WC                Travelers           $506

Grocery Store                          WC                Travelers        $2,426

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers         $4,407

Grocery Store/Deli                  WC                Travelers          $974

Plumber                                  BOP                Hartford         $1,979

Dry Cleaner                             WC                Travelers         $888

Fiber Optic Cable Installer      WC                Hartford          $5,571

Plumber                                   BOP               MetLife          $1,707

Pizzeria                                   WC                Travelers        $12,600

Nail Salon                               WC                Travelers          $620

Cabinet Sales                         BOP               Liberty Mut       $771

Laundry & Dry Cleaning       WC                 Travelers          $939

Music Store                            BOP               Travelers         $1,841

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers         $1,718

Grocery/Deli                           WC                    CNA            $1,128

Orthodontist                           BOP                Hartford          $3,562

Church                                   BOP                Travelers           $750

Clothing Store                        WC                 Travelers        $8,123

Dry Cleaner/Laundry             WC                 Travelers        $1,056

Physician Office                     WC                    CNA            $468

Orthodontist                            WC                 Hartford          $598

Delicatessen                            WC                Travelers        $1,128

Veterinarian                            BOP                  CNA           $4,852

Veterinarian                         Umbrella              CNA           $1,212

Janitorial Service                    GL                Liberty Mut     $1,213

Restaurant-Full Service          WC                 Travelers        $1,042

Auto Body Repair Shop         WC                 Travelers        $1,361

CPA                                        WC                  Hartford          $465

Tax Prep & Bookkeeping      BOP                 Hartford         $1,106

Insurance Agency                   WC                   CNA               $347

Restaurant – Full Service       WC                Hartford           $1,897

Veterinarian                            WC                Hartford           $5,061

Veterinarian                           BOP                Hartford          $3,308

Liquor Store                           BOP              Liberty Mut      $1,108

Women’s Clothing Store        BOP              Travelers          $8,421

Women’s Clothing Store     Umbrella          Travelers           $750

Outside Salesperson               WC                    CNA              $455

Produce Store                         BOP               Travelers         $1,291

Pharmacy                               WC                Liberty Mut     $5,021

Pharmacy                               BOP              Liberty Mut      $7,103

Liquor Store                           BOP              Liberty Mut      $2,490

Women’s Clothes Store       Umbrella         Travelers            $750

Women’s Clothes Store          BOP              Travelers          $8,421

Physician Office                     WC                    CNA              $479

Retail Fish Store                     WC                Travelers         $2,140

Outside Salespersons              WC                    CNA              $455

Bakery with Cooking              WC                 Hartford        $9,368

Lawyers Office                       BOP                   CNA             $501

Delicatessen                            WC                Travelers        $1,000

Plumbing & Heating               GL                Liberty Mut     $3,189

Plumbing & Heating               WC               Liberty Mut     $8,959

Grocery Store                          WC               Travelers           $697

Delicatessen                            WC                Travelers         $1,044

Dental Office                          WC                Travelers          $853

Lawyers Office                       BOP               Travelers          $748

Benefits Office                        WC                  CNA              $250

Music School                           BOP              Hartford           $425

Landscape & Snowplow          GL             Liberty Mut       $3,963

Landscape & Snowplow      Umbrella       Liberty Mut       $1,869

Landscape & Snowplow         WC             Liberty Mut       $6,534

Landscape & Snowplow          GL             Liberty Mut       $2,554

Landscape & Snowplow      Umbrella       Liberty Mut       $1,869

Landscape & Snowplow         WC             Liberty Mut       $2,025

Mail & Letter Services            BOP                 CNA              $550

Nail Salon                               WC                Travelers          $800

Lawyers Office                       WC                Travelers         $1,209

Restaurant/Deli                       WC                Travelers           $930

Liquor Store                            WC               Travelers         $1,194

Dry Cleaner                             WC               Travelers         $4,975

Restaurant/Deli                       WC                Travelers          $555

Landscaping/Snowplowing     GL               Liberty Mut      $4,207

Landscaping/Snowplowing Umbrella         Liberty Mut      $1,869

Landscaping/Snowplowing     WC              Liberty Mut      $7,924

Landscaping/Snowplowing     WC              Liberty Mut     $40,998

Gift Store                                BOP             Liberty Mut        $896

Surveyor                                 BOP                   CNA            $2,865

Grocery/Deli                            WC               Travelers          $977

Laundry/Dry Cleaner               WC               Travelers        $1,151

Grocery/Deli                           WC                Travelers          $930

Phone Repair                           BOP                 Starr              $506

Dry Cleaner                             WC              Liberty Mut     $2,269

Psychologist Office                 WC                   CNA             $463

Grocery/Deli                            WC               Travelers          $944

Restaurant – Fast Food            WC               Travelers          $797

Surveyor                                  WC                   CNA           $1,011

Stone & Tile Installation  Inland Marine    Liberty Mut      $1,151

Stone & Tile Installation         GL               Liberty Mut      $1,017

Stone & Tile Installation     Umbrella         Liberty Mut        $505

Dental Office                          WC                 Hartford           $621

Grocery                                   WC                Travelers         $1,447

Nail Salon                               WC                Travelers         $1,087

Restaurant                               WC                Travelers         $2,670

Medical Office                        WC                   CNA              $479

Auto Repair/Garage               BOP               Travelers         $2,266

Beauty Parlor/Spa                   WC                Travelers          $478

Outside Salesperson                WC                   CNA              $441

Janitorial                                  GL              Liberty Mut       $1,067

Hair Salon                               WC                Travelers         $463

Landscaper                              GL               Liberty Mut       $882

Accountant Office                  BOP               Travelers          $919

Dentist                                    WC                    CNA             $964

Bakery                                    BOP              Liberty Mut       $858

Grocery                                  WC                 Travelers          $786

Clothes Manufacturer             GL                  Hartford          $1,976

Dry Cleaner                          BOP                  Hartford          $3,159

Dry Cleaner                           WC                  Hartford          $2,888

Consulting Office                  WC                     CNA              $630

Restaurant                              WC                 Travelers         $1,658

Paving & Repaving                WC                 Travelers        $11,194

Hair Salon                              BOP             Liberty Mut        $555

Lawyers Office                      BOP                   CNA             $511

Nail Salon                             WC                  Travelers          $609

Accounting &Bookkeeping  WC                  Travelers          $543

Restaurant-Full Service         WC                 Travelers         $1,290

Digital Graphics                   BOP                 Travelers          $503

Digital Graphics                    WC                 Travelers          $347

Physician Office                    WC                     CNA             $463

Nail Salon                              WC                 Travelers          $390

Liquor Store                           WC                Travelers           $608

Dry Cleaning & Laundry       BOP               Travelers         $1,214

Outside Salesperson               WC                    CNA              $441

Physician Office                     WC                    CNA              $463

Electrical Wiring-Comml       WC                 Hartford          $1,971

Electrical Wiring-Comml       GL                  Hartford          $1,193

Refrigeration                          BOP                Travelers         $5,188

Bakery                                     BOP                Hartford           $429

Mobile Auto Glass Repair       GL              Liberty Mut         $500

Outside Salesperson                WC                   CNA              $441

Beauty/Hair Salon                  BOP              Travelers            $504

Automobile Detail Shop         BOP              Travelers          $4,953

Software&Internet Design      GL                 Hartford            $425

Community Services         Comm Auto        Hartford         $15,526

Grocery Store                         WC                Travelers           $759

Fast Food & Drivers               WC                Travelers           $947

Automobile Detail Shop        BOP                Travelers         $4,953

Bicycle Store                          BOP                   CNA            $4,657

Speech Therapist                    WC                    CNA              $432

Sales – Outside                       WC                    CNA              $441

Bagel Shop                             BOP             Liberty Mut      $3,377

Grocery Store                          WC                Travelers         $648

Real Estate Office                   BOP               Travelers         $501

Janitorial Service                    BOP              Liberty Mut     $2,202

Physical/Occup Therapist       BOP                  CNA             $503

Hair Salon                               BOP               Travelers         $772

Lawyers Office                       BOP                  CNA             $502

Meat Store                               WC               Travelers         $1,535

Dry Cleaner                            BOP               Travelers         $2,564

Children’s Clothes Store        BOP                  CNA             $1,176

Nail Salon                               BOP                  CNA            $1,881

Lessors Risk                           BOP                   CNA            $7,056

Learning Center – Reading    WC                 Hartford           $407

Digital Screen Advertising     GL               Liberty Mut      $1,369

Lawn & Garden Maintance    GL               Liberty Mut        $630

Liquor Store                           WC                 Travelers        $2,216

Deli                                         WC                Travelers         $1,525

Physical Therapist                   WC            Liberty Mut        $1,900

Physical Therapist                  BOP            Liberty Mut         $649

Landscaper                              GL              Liberty Mut         $707

Insurance Agency                  BOP               Travelers           $580

Mortgage Broker                Comm Auto     Liberty Mut      $3,211

Spa, Personal Enhansment     BOP                  CNA              $500

Bakery                                    BOP              Liberty Mut       $555

Advertising/Graphic Artst      BOP               Travelers          $523

Manufacturers Rep              Umbrella              CNA            $2,020

Manufacturers Rep                  WC                   CNA             $538

ManufacturersRep                  BOP                  CNA             $450

Dental Office                          BOP              Liberty Mut     $1,735

Medical Office                       BOP                   CNA            $2,212

Medical Office                   Umbrella               CNA              $404

Computer System Designer   BOP                   CNA            $1,080

Computer System Designer   WC                    CNA              $687

Delicatessen –Retail               WC                Travelers         $1,051

Outside Salespersons              WC                Travelers        $1,052

Painting/Paperhanging           BOP               Travelers         $1,743

Liquor Store                           WC               Travelers          $862

Grocery Store                          WC               Travelers          $561

Printer                                     BOP                  CNA            $1,129

Building Mantainance            WC                Travelers         $4,088

Optometrist Office                 BOP                CNA             $2,626

Barber Shop                            BOP             Liberty Mut       $503

Insurance Agency                   BOP             Liberty Mut       $753

Computer Designer/Pgrmr     WC                   CNA               $476

Nail Salon                               WC                Travelers           $660

Bakery                                    WC                Travelers         $1,260

Bakery                                    BOP              Travelers         $1,022

Food Corp                               WC                Travelers           $759

Insurance Agency                  WC                 Hartford           $284

Picture Framing Store             WC                  CNA             $1,588

Landscape Gardening             GL                Liberty Mut      $4,172

Landscape Gardening      Inland Marine     Liberty Mut        $257

Lawyers Office                       BOP                CNA               $502

Restaurant-Family Style         BOP              Travelers         $6,658

Office Building                       BOP              Travelers         $1,808

Printer                                     WC                Travelers         $1,673

Landscaper                             WC                Hartford           $4,675

Law Office                             BOP               Hartford            $585

Investment Office                   WC                    CNA              $270

Bakery                                   BOP               Travelers         $3,469

Bakery                               C/L Umbrella     Travelers          $958

Coffee,Tea w/consumption   BOP                    CNA            $2,849

Religious Institution              BOP                   CNA              $500

Computer Software Co           WC                   CNA              $917

Religious Institution              BOP                   CNA            $4,467

Pool Cleaning&Maintence    BOP                    CNA              $917

Auto Repair & Service      Comm Auto   Liberty Mutual     $1,631

Auto Repair & Service          BOP           Liberty Mutual     $1,153

Landscaping                           GL             Liberty Mutual      $790

Restaurant-Family Style        BOP                Travelers         $2,239

Car Wash/Detail/Waxing      BOP                 Travelers         $2,431

Nail Salon                              BOP                Travelers          $597

Nail Salon                               WC                 Travelers          $382

Travel Agency                       BOP                   CNA              $503

Insurance Agency                  BOP                Travelers          $502

Retail Grocery                        WC                 Travelers        $3,332

Fast Food Restaurant             BOP                Travelers        $1,433

Real Estate Office           Comm Auto         Hartford         $13,043

Furniture Store                      BOP           Liberty Mutual    $2,159

Electrician                              GL             Liberty Mutual    $1,745

Garage w/o Gas Sales            BOP                Travelers        $2,798

Retail Store                             WC                    CNA            $1,549

Lawyer’s Office                     WC                    CNA            $1,072

Lawyer’s Office                    BOP                   CNA              $500

Women’s Boutique                BOP           Liberty Mutual      $699

Spa/Pers Enhancement          BOP                    CNA              $503

Yoga Studio                           BOP                   CNA              $635

Yoga Studio                            WC                    CNA            $2,350

Jeweler                                    WC                    CNA            $1,153

Video Rental Store                BOP                Travelers          $534

Hair Salon                              BOP                Hartford           $933

Restaurant                               WC                 Travelers        $1,988

Pool Contractor                Business Propty    CNA               $684

Pool Contractor                      GL                   CNA           $24,650

Food/Sauce/Spice Manufac   BOP                Hartford           $425

Dermatologist Office             BOP                 CNA            $1,196

Dermatologist Office              WC                  CNA               $983

Real Estate Office             Comm Auto        Travelers       $1,669

Computer System Designer    WC                 CNA              $418

Religious Institution              BOP                 CNA               $504

Learning Center-Language    BOP                Hartford           $865

Oil Chg &Lube-NoTowing    BOP                 CNA            $3,560

Bicycle Shop-Retail                WC                  CNA           $1,101

Tailor Shop                             WC                  CNA            $3,472

Funeral Homes/Chapels         BOP                 CNA               $541

Lamp & Lighting Store          BOP                  CNA            $1,274

Physical/OccptnlTherapist     BOP                  CNA               $663

Sushi Restaurant                     WC                Travelers         $2,403

Financial Office                      WC                  CNA               $739

Accounting Office                 BOP               Travelers           $503

Accounting Office             Umbrella            Travelers           $403

Sporting Goods                      BOP                 CNA            $1,572

Sporting Goods                       WC                  CNA            $1,660

Janitorial Service                    WC                Travelers         $1,748

Insurance Agency                  BOP                 CNA             $2,167

Liquor Store                           WC                Travelers         $2,879

Stationary Store                      WC                  CNA             $1,776

Sewing & Yarn Store            BOP               Travelers         $2,864

CPA Office                             WC                   CNA            $1,067

Shoe Store                             BOP                Travelers        $4,888

Painting & Paperhanging      BOP                Travelers        $3,442

Shoe Store                             BOP                Travelers        $3,571

Insurance Agency                   WC                Travelers           $939

Beauty Parlor/Hair Salon        BOP                   CNA              $667

Restaurant                               WC                 Travelers        $4,077

Electronics Distributor            WC                    CNA              $602

Restaurant                              BOP                Travelers         $8,629

Bakery                                   BOP                 Foremost         $3,456

Restaurant                              BOP                Travelers         $2,097

Law Office                             BOP                Travelers         $1,435

Law Office                             CUP                Travelers         $1,664

Art Store – Pics & Posters      BOP                   CNA                $851

Florist                                    BOP                 Foremost         $1,293

Sign Manufacturing               BOP                   CNA             $2,194

Physician Office                    BOP                Travelers         $3,677

Insurance Agency                  BOP                 Travelers           $557

Janitorial Service                   BOP                 Travelers        $1,194

Painting Contractor                WC                  Travelers        $4,726

Copier Dealer                        Auto                    CNA            $3,227

Copier Dealer                        BOP                    CNA            $1,316

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